Fedora Core 6 Test2 verfÌgbar

Jesse Keating hat soeben auf der Fedora-Announce-Liste die sofortige VerfÌgbarkeit von Fedora Core 6 Test2 bekanntgegeben.

Folgende Neuerungen/Features werden fÌr Test2 aufgelistet:

* All packages recompiled (minus Thunderbird)
– Introduction of DT_GU_HASH, a far more efficient symbol lookup table for dynamic linking. Improves dynamic linking performance by up to 50%
– Packages built with new build system based on Mock.
– Packages now have proper BuildRequires
* Ability to install from additional yum repositories during anaconda installations and kickstarts.
* Functional Java applet plugin for Firefox due to gcjwebplugin
* A new default font, DejaVu, replaces Vera.
* Numerous package updates and upgrades
* 1600+ Extras packages conveniently available via yum